What are The Types of Dental Implants??

Dental implant is the artificial replacement of teeth and a small metal like titanium is used for this purpose with out any risk. This metal is to place in living bone and tissue of teeth. Some other material like titanium alloy, stainless steel and zirconium is also use for dental implant procedure. Technology brings many implant procedure and each are to design with respect to it function. Mostly the titanium is use for dental implant process. Following are the most common types of dental implant:

1. Root Form Implants

This is most beneficial form of dental implant and it closest shape and size of natural tooth root. This is use for deep bone to give base for replacement of one or complete teeth. In this process the area of the jaw bone will expose and it will implant and prepare for bone to accept the implant. After the placement of implant the gums are close with stitches for three to six month healing period.

2. Plate Form Implants

When your teeth is not able for root form and the place between the bones is too narrow at that time the plate form implant is being made. This implant is long and flat and this is the best for narrow jawbone. The procedure is the same as in root form.

3. Subperiosteal Implants

When the root and plate form is not suitable for your teeth and when there is no enough bone width and height at that time subperiosteal implant are used. This is tradition made, designed to sit on the top of the bone and under the gums.

In such process after application of painkiller, the exposure of jawbone will carried out and the dentist will take the model of bone with the help of special material. This model is to use by dental laboratory to make the custom implant for the fitting to your jaw. After this process the jaw bone is to be exposed and the implant is placed. Your will closed by stitches. This is known as dual surgery process.

Another method is which the dentist use the special CAT scan of jawbone and with the help of this CAT scan data, a model of jawbone is to be constructed and then this model use by laboratory to manufacture the subperiosteal implant for the fitting to your jaw. This process is known as Single surgery process. The placement of implant is the same as in dual surgery process.

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