Massage for Stress Relief and Pain

Most people will agree that massage is a wonderful way to relax and feel pampered. Some folks however, remain unaware of how dramatically it can help them with stress relief and pain.  It’s understandable.  People don’t usually think of something so pleasant as being therapeutic.

What Can Massage Do For You?

The obvious answer is that it provides you with a release of muscle tension.  As the massage begins to work its magic, endorphins are released throughout your body to calm your mind, muscles and nervous system.  At the same time, there is a reduction of stress hormones that takes you deeper into a state of incredible relaxation.   This is all excellent for anyone looking for help with stress relief and pain.

Massage increases calm and reduces anxiety so well, that it has been used to help children suffering from depression, and women with anorexia.

A good message treatment will increase your circulation and speed up your body’s toxin removal processes.  So, in addition to being relaxed and sleeping well, you’ll feel energized and have a healthier complexion.  You’ll not only feel calmer, you’ll look it too, and others will likely notice the difference in your outlook and appearance.

Massage’s therapeutic benefits are helpful to people who are trying to break addictions.  Reduced anxiety makes withdrawal symptoms easier to bear, thereby increasing the chances of a successful break in the addiction cycle.  For alcoholics, the touch of another person gives them human connection, as well as the feeling of being involved in their own recovery.

Registered massage therapy can also aid in giving your immune system a boost.  High levels of stress can deplete your immunity and make you more prone to illness and disease.  Certain cells respond to the physical contact of massage and increase their numbers, giving your body added ammunition against viral cells and cancer.

Pain Management And Relief

Because a properly done massage puts you into such a relaxed state, increases your blood flow, releases endorphins (a natural pain killer), and lets your anxiety melt away, it is a terrific addition to your health care.  Always consult your physician first if you have any existing medical conditions to make sure that this treatment is appropriate for you.  If you get the ‘thumbs up’ than you can use this most natural of methods to reduce and manage your pain.   Be sure to seek out a registered and trained professional to help you.  In some instances it may be a physical or occupational therapist, but in most cases you’ll be looking for a registered massage therapist.  Your doctor can let you know who you need to see.  Once he does, don’t delay.  Help is available for you.

It has been shown that cancer patients realize less fatigue, along with relief from pain and anxiety when they receive regular massage therapy.  Athletes use it to keep soreness and cramping to a minimum, thanks to increased blood flow to the muscles.

The Very Best Reason of All

The relationship between massage therapist and client is a very personal one, in which one person’s touch affects another’s quality of life.  You may find that it gives you some nurturing and a sense of being cared for.  Feeling more supported and more cared for can lead to a higher self-esteem and happier disposition.   That’s powerful stuff, and the very reason so many people choose massage for stress relief and pain.  Are you one of them?

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