Infertility and Alcohol

Alcohol is an old drink, have included as a part of important celebration and in some religious ceremonies also. It is states that alcohol is an ancient drink served in old Chinese jars. Drinking alcohol is quite normal nowadays and usually we never wait for any occasion to have a glass of wine. Most of us enjoy wine with dinner or a good night out with friends and for some people, it is really becomes hard to avoid it, they became habitual of it and as a result invites many diseases as well.

Taking alcohol when you are trying to conceive is too hazardous to ignore for males and females both as it decreasing the chances or delaying your chances of starting a family because it is now scientifically proven that it directly affects your reproductive system and affects your fertility health.

Alcohol depletes the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body and makes it less capable to absorb essential nutrients, which are necessary for reproductive system and its health. Basically our fertility health is reliant on many nutrients and when alcohol’s pure carbohydrates only, our system then withdraw minerals and vitamins from other parts of body and thus increases deficiency, whichaffects our fertility health.

We all have estrogen hormones in our body, also known as steroid hormones, plays a key role in sexual function in men and women, and with the alcohol consumption, liver is overworked, can cause excess of estrogen to build up in our system, which then imbalances the hormones level and can have a huge impact on our reproductive health.

Pregnancy is not all females subject, as both the partners are equally participated in this and that is the reason doctors advised to avoid alcohol when you are planning to conceive. However, some doctors said that moderate amount of drinking will not affect fertility, but still there is no scientific evidence for this, so it is good to avoid it completely for having a healthy baby and lifestyle. 

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