How to’s and cardio workout for weight loss

Sweating, sweating, and sweating is your goal if you have challenged yourself with the daunting task of losing weight. The relationship between your weight and what you eat is a complicated one. Gaining weight comes from storing the calories that are consumed through eating, thus to avoid gaining weight one could eat less or one could burn up the extra calories by working out. Don’t forget to use sport supplements like PhenQ.

Cardio workout is the most effective method of fat burning! Similarly with calories that have already been stored as body fat – they need to be burned away through exercise or starvation, since starvation is not really a healthy alternative, exercise is much more recommended. Stored up fat gets burned away as your body excretes sweat, excessive cardio workout has been found to be the most effective method of fat burning workout, specifically High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.), which comes down to sprinting as fast as you can for as long as you can intermixed by jogging to regain breath followed another interval of intense springing, repeat.

Eating less and working out daily will go a great way to help you lose weight!

The amount of cardio training to do proportionately depends on the amount of calories that need to be burned away. If one is eating 3 000 calories per day, an hour of cardio training everyday should be enough in order to not gain any additional weight (depending on how active your lifestyle is, your genetics etc.) and two hours if one wants to lose weight at that.

A combination of eating less and working out daily will go a great way to help you lose weight. However, food is energy, thus if one eats less one subsequently has less energy to go around and training could be more demanding on the body in other ways, such as taking a toll on joints, bones and heart. Thus, if one is planning on intense training a good plentiful diet is important; just remember to burn all the calories you consume or else they get stored as body fat.

The healthier alternative is to make healthy diet choices, eating a sufficient quantity of every nutrient the body needs including fats, preferably avoiding artificially synthesised foods as they contain chemicals that the human body cannot breakdown and in the long run can damage the liver not to mention possible unknown side effects; – and train hard.

Cardio training for two hours per day with intervals of high intensity sprinting will burn up all the extra calories, will increase endurance, lung capacity, and the strength of your heart, not to mention help tone up the whole body from legs, buttocks, abdominals, and even arms. Thus if you are faced with a choice of either going on a diet or taking up cardio exercise by all means go with the exercise, sure it takes a lot more effort but the rewards are well worth it, you will be healthier, stronger, visibly in shape and have a much more liberal reign of your diet. The only thing to remember is discipline – you have to be regular in your exercise.

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