Acupuncture for infertile couple

In China, 2000 years ago a procedure called acupuncture was developed to heal many kinds of sickness. The procedure involves inserting fine needles to certain points in the body. The belief is that every living being have the vital energy called “qi” that circulates through twelve invisible energy lines known as meridians. This meridian is said to be associated with different organ system. This ancient technique is said to be highly effective. For infertile individual, needles have to be inserted at the right point to help the reproductive function. Areas like abdomen, back, lower extremities and ears are the point when inserted with needles is said that will resolve or help infertility problem. Acupuncture for infertile couple nowadays is becoming popular.

The question is will it help infertility? The answer is yes. The main reason behind female infertility is ovulatory dysfunction. And as we all know ovulation is a process in which an egg is expelled from the ovary. The release of egg is needed to get pregnant. In woman’s reproductive cycle, ovulation is a very important phase. And the chance of infertility is high if woman has irregular ovulation cycle. However, it is been found that acupuncture for infertile couple could regulate ovulation cycle and increases ovarian function, thus giving a high chance of pregnancy.

For males, acupuncture can be a great help too. One popular reason of male infertility is low sperm count. To achieve pregnancy sufficient sperm production during coitus is necessary. According to some research, acupuncture for infertile couple can help improve sperm count and the quality of sperm being produce. Acupuncture for infertile couple can also bring good and improved circulation that will contribute to fertility.

Consulting acupuncturist with extensive experience and knowledge are highly important to overcome infertility. Alternative procedures like acupuncture for infertile couple can help and something that is worth trying. But you should be aware too that acupuncture will takes a period of time to work. And is not a onetime treatment.  Most often acupuncture will include herbal treatment. It is best advise that you talk to your doctor as well when you consider this procedure.

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